I first worked with Dan several years ago, when he helped me overcome some significant lower back pain and I appreciated his approach so much that now I don’t hesitate to call him as soon as I have the slightest pain. Dan takes his time to explain what’s going on with your body that’s causing the pain, which by itself goes a long way to helping you feel better. Then he works with you to come up with a therapy plan that’s actually realistic, prioritizing the pragmatic over an unattainable ideal. He’s also just a friendly guy.  I’ve worked with him in-person and virtually and on everything from strengthening to dry needling and I’m a far healthier person because of it. 

-Hugh O’

Dan Chapman was my physical therapist following a hip replacement. As an adult figure skater his therapy was designed not only to get me back to normal day to day life, he needed to address my return to skating. He did that. I looked forward to my appointments, even when the work was physically challenging. He’s a delight—thorough, professional and personable. I recommend him highly.

–Linda G.

I have a herniated disc in my lower back that has led to many flare-ups. Dan Chapman made me feel like my health was of upmost importance. He explained that his goal was to get rid of my pain, strengthen my abs and back, and ensure that I didn’t need to continue physical therapy forever. Boom! 8 weeks later and I was feeling great.

–Rachael R.

I went to see Dan Chapman after having my ACL fixed (specifically patella tendon) and was worried about not making enough progress to be able to play sports/run. At the time, I was a graduating senior and wanted to be able to do everything with my friends before graduating. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to play a round of golf or run 2 miles 4 months after surgery. He was by far the best physical therapist I have ever had. Dan Chapman should be your first choice if you need PT.

–Scott P.

Dan Chapman is very professional. He made me feel good about the progress I made. I had a hip replacement and by the time I was done with therapy with him it seemed as though I never had a problem. He knew how to put me at ease. I would go to him again if I needed physical therapy.

–Dee N.

I have a complicated history of hip and knee replacements, shoulder problems due to arthritis, and serious balance issues. I fell a lot due to physical weakness and the balance problems. Dan evaluated me and designed a comprehensive therapy plan. Dan Chapman is professional yet friendly, a likeable person. I really felt he cared about me and cared about my continued progress.

–Maggie B.

On July 1, 2019, I had a total knee replacement on my left knee and knew I wanted to have my physical therapy at the University of Delaware’s nationally acknowledged top PT clinic in the country. I had my right knee replaced 10 years ago and did NOT have the best post-surgical care, so I was concerned. Three days following surgery, I landed at the Star Campus at UD. I met Dan at that first session and quickly knew I was in very capable hands He was exceptionally knowledgeable and very hands-on. We both had the same goal – to get me back on my feet at quickly as possible! I found Dan to be well versed in what I needed to do and we had an agenda that we followed each and every session. In addition, he was able to send me home with exercises to do in between my scheduled sessions.

Dan goes above and beyond – even to the point that he called me after hours to check on me.

My knee has improved significantly in the past year and I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dan for anyone with physical therapy needs. He has the best personality and genuinely cares about the general welfare of each of his patients.

–Patricia N


I went to PT with an old shoulder injury.  He didn’t blink an eye when I told him that one of my goals (for my fat, under-exercised, post-mastectomy self) was to be able to do a plank, even though doing yoga planks was not, per se, one of the typical goals for a grouchy ligament. There’s a very long version of how working with Dan went. Short version: he got my jokes, treated my gains as celebrations, was tough without ever yelling or pushing, and understood that doing any kind of body work was a complicated and maddeningly sensitive issue for me…


I learned, even more than how to participate in my own healing, that I could be comfortable and empowered by having a partner in exercising and ended up exercising regularly with a personal trainer. Then I got a little over-enthusiastic and tore my other ligament in the same shoulder and was working with both Dan and my trainer for a while. They talked to each other to make sure that what they were both doing was going to work best for me. I started getting up earlier to go to the gym, even on days when I wasn’t working with my trainer. It’s hard to be clear about how revolutionary this was in my life—I’ve had periods when I exercised regularly before, but it was always a slog. Dan Chapman’s approach to living in a body—whether it is a toned, athletically gifted body, or an aging, battered body—is a special combination of careful attention, precisely calibrated nudging, and real communication. He’s also just a fun, smart, interesting, and interested human, which matters a great deal to me, and, I think, to many people–more than we tend to realize. PT is both physically and psychologically intense—a thing I learned the hard way from working through it after back-to-back knee replacements. I wish I’d had Dan to work with back then. That PT was thorough, highly competent, and beastly-but-successful. Post knee therapy replacement just is beastly. But there would have been more laughing through it with Dan, and I might have been able to push a little further and come back with a little more willingness to keep working on my body. I have continued to exercise consistently through quarantine. It’s almost impossible to say how astonishing this is. Quarantine is depressing, and my invariable response to depression, trauma, grief, or personal chaos has always been to become as close to immobile as I can manage and stay that way for a good long while. So, even more clearly than when I was getting up early to go to the gym or PT, Dan changed my relationship to caring for my body—maybe in time for me to make some important, lasting changes. So not only can I offer emphatic testimony that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to the machine of the body, he understands and is able to reach further into helping heal the connection between the body and mind. I think this makes him extraordinary in a profession for which I already have profound respect. And, by the way, I can do planks, pull weeds, and walk our very excitable quarantine-puppy. My shoulder is fine.


My physical therapy with Dan was for a full knee replacement.  I was very pleased with the professionalism and care he provided with my treatments.  My recovery time was better than average which is a credit to Dan taking the time to formulate a meaningful program to meet my needs both during our sessions and with my home exercises.  I was quickly able to return to work and my normal activities in much less time than expected.  I would highly recommend Dan as he is caring, professional and takes the appropriate time with the individual to ensure quality care

-Tom K