Covid 19 precautions

Dr. Chapman takes COVID-19 precautions very seriously both while working and on his own time. He requires that all clients/patients do as well for all of our safety. 

Precautions taken:

  • Tested weekly for COVID-19

  • Face mask will be worn during sessions 

    • Patients are required to wear face masks (exemption if outside and able to maintain distance)

  • Hand hygiene performed before, during and after each session

  • All equipment cleaned between sessions.

  • Beyond work, Dr. Chapman currently refrains from unnecessary trips outside the home, wears a mask when near others and practices social distancing.

Dr. Chapman understands this is a challenging time and people have varying degrees of comfort and needs.  If you have questions or concerns or would like additional precautions taken, please know Dr. Chapman is happy to accomodate you.

Inquire below to learn more

601 E. Pratt St. Suite 400 

Baltimore, MD 21202