Baltimore Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are doctors highly trained in rehabilitating the body and drastically improving their patients’ quality of life. As partners in care, physical therapists teach their patients how to be active participants in their own recovery and rehabilitation.

Physical therapy isn’t just about fixing the body, it’s about helping grandparents pick up their grandkids, athletes return to the field, mothers and fathers get back to work, and kids get back to play.

Dr. Chapman’s physical therapy programs are individualized to each patient’s distinct needs and goals. Through a blend of manual therapy, strengthening, neuromuscular reeducation and endurance training, you can rest assured that you can not only return to your “baseline”, but that you will redefine what your “normal” can truly be.


Conditions Treated

Concussion rehabilitation

Low back pain

Post-operative rehabilitation

Shoulder pain


Balance and fall prevention

Chronic / persistent pain

Knee pain

Pre-surgical Conditioning ‘prehab’

Lumbar / cervical fusions

ACL reconstruction

Ankle pain

Stress fractures

Arthritic pain

Plantar fasciitis

Hip pain

Baltimore Sports Injury Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy isn’t just about restoring function but optimizing performance. That’s why Chapman Physical Therapy offers premier care for the injured athlete in a state-of-the-art facility in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore City. Dr. Chapman attended the #1 physical therapy program in the country and was selected to spend an additional 13 months post-graduation focusing on rehabilitating orthopedic injuries in their specialized orthopedic residency program. Through a detailed evaluation, a personalized and sport-specific treatment program, as well as objective strength and return-to-play testing, Chapman Physical Therapy guarantees the highest quality rehabilitation to ensure you return to the field at your best. Book your evaluation today to start your comeback at Chapman Physical Therapy. 


Baltimore Senior & Elderly Physical Therapy

For seniors, physical therapy is an invaluable resource to improve strength, balance, mobility, and, most of all, quality of life. As we age, it is natural to lose a small portion of our strength – however, it is not normal to lose our ability to carry groceries, pick items up off the floor, climb stairs or walk without losing our balance. These challenges, which are all too common in seniors, are often the consequence of inactivity or injury rather than simply age. Slowed gait speed, difficulty rising from a chair, and losing one’s balance are all directly associated with an increased risk of disability in years to come. However, the good news is that the majority of these issues can be addressed through physical therapy. They, therefore, are not signs of soon-to-be disability but rather early warning signs that should be addressed. 

I currently offer house calls in the Baltimore City area and treat at Grind Gym (601 E Pratt Street Suite 400) in the Inner Harbor just above Phillips Seafood (no membership required to receive care.) 

Currently offering discounted 45 minute sessions for a limited time. 

Grind Baltimore: Evaluation/Treatment: $80

In-home care: $80 (may have small increase in rate depending on travel time.) 

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