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Why US?

One on One Attention
1 on 1 care with your therapist every session
Personalized Treatment
Every treatment plan is tailored to you and your goals
Dr. Chapman is residency trained in orthopedic care
Equipment & Space
Our clinic features a 15,000 square foot state of the art facility
Multidisciplinary Care
We work closely with all your healthcare providers
Evidence in Care
ChapmanPT provides evidence-based care tailored to your needs

About Chapman Physical Therapy

Chapman Physical Therapy goes far beyond the standard of care, bringing an evidence-based, holistic, and patient-centric approach to rehabilitation that is focused on you, your goals, and your future. As an active partner in your care and professional physical therapist, Dr. Chapman empowers you to take charge of your body and be confident in attaining your goals for physical therapy in Baltimore, MD. 

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    Meet Our Baltimore Physical Therapists

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    Dr. Dan Chapman

    Physical Therapist

    Dr. Dan Chapman is a residency-trained orthopedic physical therapist providing the highest quality, patient-centric care in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, MD. He also holds limited hours for concierge in-home physical therapy within Baltimore City. Dan can ensure you receive optimal care across the spectrum from rehab to performance optimization as both a strength and conditioning specialist and physical therapist.

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    Dr. Allen Qian

    Physical Therapist

    Originally from Ohio, Dr. Qian has moved to the Baltimore area after working as a travel physical therapist in various settings along the East Coast since 2019. Allen enjoys cooking, hiking, running, weightlifting, and the occasional Crossfit workout to stay fit. Allen obtained his Doctorate in Physical Therapy & Masters in Science from the #1 program in the country - the University of Delaware - where he pursued in-depth studies in shoulder rehabilitation in addition to sports and orthopedic rehabilitation.

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    No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work
    accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to help you live pain-free with our physical therapy sessions
    Baltimore, MD

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    Baltimore Physical Therapy Treatments

    Baltimore Physical Therapy Services

    • Comprehensive strength and conditioning training for all ages and abilities
    • Core strengthening and stabilization training
    • Joint mobilizations and manipulations
    • Soft tissue mobilization & sports massage
    • Dry Needling
    • Cupping
    • Pain Neuroscience Education
    • Chronic Pain Tissue Desensitization Programming
    • Sport Injury Physical Therapy

    *Baltimore In-Home Physical Therapy Care is available through Medicare Part B services, most CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, and cash payments.

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